We are a young ambitious team that specialise in verifying IDs / Users digitally so that cerain demographics can access unique discounts. We verify over 200m+ Students, over 1m+ NHS staff, Military, Responder and Teacher discount. 

 For Students, NHS staff, Miltilary , Responder and Teachers here are a list of some benefits for using Deaslise:

  • Global verification 
  • Exclusive deals and discounts from 100s of brands
  • Save money on everything from a holiday to your weekly shop
  • Save time searching – find all your discounts in one place

For the Retailer:

  • Plug and play iframe ( iframe does not take you off the brand site like othe platforms )
  • Segmented data capture so brands can target different demographics to help with your marketing strategies
  • Real time verification and one time verification after users are verified they do not have to do it again.


Welcome to the dealise family!